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To sign the guest book you must send an e-mail with what you wish posted.  This way, the web mistress, can keep the guest book monitored and within the ICRA labelling for this site.

Please remember that only a name and comment are required fields for the guest book.  If you have concerns about minors (COPPA link) signing the guest book, or that your e-mail address will be harvested by spam bots, note that we will not post any e-mail address.  Besides your comments, we will link and display your web site if you include it in the email.  We would also like to know where you are from.  We will not personally collect any e-mail addresses or web sites for any third party. 

By sending an e-mail for the guest book, you agree to allow other web visitors (and our cats) to view your comments.  We will contact you (if a valid e-mail is available) should we wish to use the comment or portion of the comment in another venue (such as a huge compliment or great review about Bengals' cats or kittens).  You may send a private e-mail directly to the web mistress saying it may not be used in any other form elsewhere.
Further, if you send us a guest book e-mail, we will feel that this is an e-mail address we can use when appropriate, such as:  to tell you if Bengals changes their URL or contact information.

We reserve the right to not post any guest book email.

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